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Venture capital companies (VCs) in crypto are a group of long-term investors who provide funding to early-stage blockchain projects and startups with the intention of gaining a share of the project’s future success.

The Role of VC Funds in Crypto Market

The trend of VC firms providing venture capital investment in cryptocurrency for startups has only been growing lately. The primary objective of VC funding in crypto is to achieve returns from high-growth crypto startups. But what do startups and the market as a whole stand to gain from working with VCs? Crypto VCs:


Grant young crypto projects access to investment


Provide guidance and advice to ensure the company's success


Help form important connections in the industry


Contribute to the development of projects & technologies in the market

How Does VelvetFormula Work with Cryptocurrency Venture Capital Funds

Investment & Partner Relations

We invest ourselves, as well as attract our Tier-1 VC cryptocurrency partners into seed rounds. We also provide direct connections to top IDO Launchpads, Tier-1 CEXes & more

Due Diligence & Analytics

We conduct thorough due diligence and project analysis.


From recommendations on Pitch Deck to WP, token circulation models & typical token project error fixing – we aid our chosen projects, given we only pick out the ones we consider future market leaders

Technical Aid

We implement snipe protection and help projects prepare for IDO, develop and implement a strategy for the first 48 hours, provide token liquation & organize OTC rounds

Efficiently trading with


Crypto VCs – What Are They & Why They Matter

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The crypto world has been the epitome of innovation. As new crypto mechanics are born, new projects spawn with a desire to turn the market around. Multiple startups are being formed on one end as we speak, while on the other – hopeful crypto investors seek out new opportunities. Crypto VCs are basically a solution uniting these early-stage investors with groundbreaking projects.

What Do Crypto VCs Bring to Market?

Venture capital firms in the crypto space seek to invest in high-potential blockchain projects and companies. They contribute to the development of early-stage projects and technologies via capital, advice and resources, providing valuable resources to support projects’ growing and scaling quickly, hence speeding up the development of the entire industry and accelerating mass crypto & Web 3.0 adoption. They additionally help build stronger trust bonds between projects and investors, mitigating the chances that either one or the other falls victim to a questionable partner.

Top VC Crypto Investment Funds

From big to small, crypto VCs certainly vary, and we bet you know some of them!

Sequoia Capital

With total assets under management amounting to $85 billion, Sequoia Capital is one of the top venture capital firms in the world, known for investing not only in crypto projects, but also in such giants of industry as Apple, Google and LinkedIn. Their crypto go-tos include Caldera, Handshake, Multis, Privy & Strips Finance

Coinbase Ventures

Who doesn’t know the Coinbase exchange! But did you know it also backs its own VC? Coinbase Ventures has made investments in several successful projects, including Avalon, Diagonal Finance, Magic Eden, Sardine & YOZ Labs

Binance Labs

Another major player, the Binance exchange, is also a blockchain incubator and venture fund with $7.5 billion total assets. Binance Labs crypto projects include: Aptos Labs, Improbable, Sky Mavis, 1inch Network & CertiK

Why Do Early-Stage Investors Need VCs?

Being constantly on the lookout for potential market opportunities and wanting to make a good return from being the first ones in the game, early-stage investors can (just like anyone in the financial world) fall victim to dubious projects.

While there is no such thing as an investment-return-guarantee, what reputable crypto VCs do, is conduct a rigorous analysis of the projects in question, selecting the ones with real potential, and thereafter monitoring the health of the investment.

What do VCs typically consider when evaluating whether a project is a good match for their investors? From underlying technology analysis to the White Paper, tokenomics, community management, roadmap and vision – each and every one of these points serve as an indicator of a project’s financial health and perspective for any experienced VC.

Why Do Crypto Projects Need VCs?

Token projects’ success depends greatly on the ability to raise funds from VCs. It is what largely ensures their success. It is no less important to connect with VCs that have extensive experience working with market makers, however, to make their plan a reality. Come think of it, crypto VCs are not much different from traditional financial market VCs! Depending on point of entry in the project roadmap, crypto VCs help projects at their early stages with:


VCs grant crypto startups access to investment, which is often lacking even in the most potential-full young crypto companies, especially when we are talking second or third seed rounds


With lots of experience under their belts, VCs are capable of providing the appropriate guidance in the industry, increasing chances for the company’s success

Connections & Partners

Those of us in crypto know that nothing matters more than high-quality business networking, which is largely why we can never get enough of crypto summits and professional gatherings. And while these connections normally take years to build, high-quality VCs can help startups grasp the most important ones almost immediately by sharing their rich network

What’s no less important, following the choice of the right VC, however, is the choice of an appropriate Market Maker, who knows how to work with VCs. A good example? Not to brag, but we at VelvetFormula have the skills, the experience, and the reputation for the job!

How VelvetFormula Works with Crypto VCs

We at VelvetFomula take our work with crypto venture capital firms very seriously, choosing an all-in-one service approach that ensures success for both – projects & VCs.

Due Diligence & Analytics

We conduct thorough due diligence and project analysis, choosing only the best of the best candidates, worthy of investor attention

Advice & Recommendations

From recommendations on Pitch Deck to White Paper, token circulation models & typical token project error fixing. Our projects are what we believe to be future market leaders, so we are here to help every step of the way

Investment & Partner Relations

We not only invest ourselves, but also attract our Tier-1 VC partners into seed rounds. We additionally provide direct connections to top IDO Launchpads, Tier-1 CEXes & more

Technical Support

We implement snipe protection and help projects prepare for IDO, develop and implement a strategy for the first 48 hours, provide token liquidation & organize OTC rounds. We are talking technical aid around the clock!

Frequently asked questions

What is a VC fundraising in a crypto market?

Crypto venture funding is a type of financing used to invest in early-stage blockchain projects, which involves buying equity or tokens in the project, giving investors a share in the project's future success.

What are the types of crypto VC funding?

There are 3 main types of VC investment in crypto or crypto VC funding — early stage financing (which includes seed financing, startup financing, and first-stage financing); expansion financing —given to companies so that they can start expanding; and acquisition financing —when a company needs funds to buy out another company or parts of a company. It depends on the stage in which a project is.

How does venture capital funding work in the crypto/blockchain industry?

The process begins with the project's founders seeking venture capital firms specialized in blockchain projects. These firms evaluate the potential success of each project before deciding to invest. After that, the venture capital firm negotiates with the startup regarding the amount of investment, equity or tokens required, as well as the investment duration. Once an agreement is reached, the investment funds are transferred from the venture capital firm to the company's bank account. The startup can then use said venture capital investment in crypto for various purposes, such as hiring new team members, developing new products, and marketing campaigns. The venture capital firm also provides guidance and advice to ensure the company's success, as well as connects the startup to other industry experts.

What are the pros and cons of VC funding for crypto projects?

Pros of going for venture capital (VC) in crypto:

  • Improved reputation in the eyes of retail investors
  • Building solid connections with other industry participants
  • No need to pay back capital spent, even if business fails
  • Access to advisory and marketing support from some of the most experienced players in the industry

Cons of going for venture capital (VC) in crypto:

  • Losing some control of the project to VCs as they take on equity
  • Pressure to deliver fast results due to venture capital for crypto investment
  • Need to pass thorough due diligence
  • VCs prefer refraining from investing in risky early-stage projects

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