Liquidity Solutions

  • Market making
    This is a trading strategy where our algorithms are building orders on both buy and sell sides of the book. These orders have defined depth and maintain certain spread. This is offering contributors and daily traders to seamlessly trade and resulting in an increased organic trading volume.Our Market Making strategies use a set of algorithms which were build based on our expirience on classic equity and futures markets, using elements of high frequency tradind and advanced mathematics to deliver liquid markets around the clock.
  • Orderbook building
    Sourcing liquidity from our internal liquidity pool
    Order Book building is a proces increasing liquidity, through creating deep books of orders and providing a tight spreads from the day one. This is done by fetching orders and liquidity from several of our integrated exchanges into our liquidity pool.VelvetFormula trading system is connected to a multiple of estabilished exchanges into an internal liquidity pool.
    This liquidity is then delivered into the client’s exchange assuring it with the same level of liquidity as that of the major exchanges.
  • API Best Practices and High Load Tests
    Our expirience with great amount with different crypto exchanges and issues relating to trading on these exchanges make us experts in questions of proper API functioning. We can advise and provide proper structure of REST , Web Sockets or even Fix API’s. We also have a ready “box solution” for new crypto exchanges and for White Label Providers.
  • Software for Optimal Trade Execution on multiple exchanges
    “Block Trade” Execution with minimal price impact. We developed special algorithm to provide optimal execution with minimum price change and maximum value retention for client. The execution is agreed on certan exchanges and trading pairs. We provide an estimate of time frame and expected execution price based on the block size and direction of trade.

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