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VelvetFormula was founded in January 2018 by Misha Alefirenko and Artyom Zavrin. Their crypto journey started a few years before with the mining of bitcoin and then expanded to cryptocurrency trading and providing liquidity to crypto exchanges.

Since then, VelevetFormula has been recognized as one of the top liquidity providers for digital assets, and we are looking to become number one in that space. Our algorithms are running around the clock, offering liquidity to the market and staying market-neutral. We concentrate on low latency trading solutions that solve liquidity problems in the most efficient way possible, and we aim to achieve sound and continuous crypto markets for all types of investors.

VelvetFormula is a fast-growing startup owned by the team and trusted by top crypto exchanges. Our culture is much closer to tech startups than are clumsy financial services institutions. We build a flat, informal structure where talents can thrive and deliver the best of their capabilities. If you are keen to work with us to make crypto markets accessible, please check out our WORK WITH US page and learn more about our openings.



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    Misha Alefirenko

    Founder and CEO