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We are a team of exceptional engineers, physicists and professional market experts.
Our unique combination of skills allows us to design and build liquidity solutions that are mathematically stable and technically robust. We have been operating robust trading infrastructure for crypto assets since 2018.

Our expertise, diligence, risk management and transparency practices stem from the traditional markets where we were market makers long before starting VelvetFormula. Our uncompromising approach allowed us to build scalable and antifragile solutions to hit client's liquidity targets.

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VelvetFormula is one of the most advanced players in crypto market making




years in crypto


bots are running at the same time


trades per minute


of market trading data gathered per day


exchanges connected

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Increase your trading volume with our turn-key solution to manage risk and eliminate fraudulent activity while creating solid order books with tiny spreads. We support all major crypto-to-crypto as well as crypto-to-fiat trading pairs.

Digital Asset Managers

Get reliable and fast access to our liquidity pool for trading digital assets at scale. In order to secure the best execution price for our clients we execute algo orders across different liquidity sources, including leading crypto-exchanges and OTC desks.

Wallets and Merchants

Enjoy additional liquidity using our inventory and provide exchange services to your clients. Immediate SEPA transfers for accounts in EUR.


Unlock full value of your coin either it pegged either to fiat currency, gold, oil or any other hard asset.
Lay the foundation for much broader adoption of your stablecoin in everyday commerce.


Disruption with scientific approach

We at VelvetFormula realise that our products constitute a crucial part of the crypto trading ecosystem therefore we take a great care in designing and building correct antifragile software. We solve client problems employing functional programming, formal verification and robust error handling. Passion for creating stable maintainable software is an inherent core value of every member of our team.

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    Misha Alefirenko

    Founder and CEO